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One of the few things that really excites me about returning to the states is the fact that I get to overindulge in Oribe hair products once again. Of any brand I’ve ever used in shampoo, hairspray, styling cremes, you name it, in any country, this stuff is far and away the best. I have been wishing for wider European distribution for a year and a half now (I hear they are carried in one salon in Milan but have never been able to confirm).

I suppose it helps that the packaging alone totally makes me dream. I even used to keep the boxes it comes in and display them on my vanity. The weight of the cardstock gives it such a quality feel, and the overall aesthetic of this brand is just so elegant and minimal. Oribe is high design quotient and bottled perfection.

My favorites up to this point are the Dry Texturizing Spray (a must for fans of big messy hair), the Gel Serum (two words: gold flecks), Superfine hairspray (seriously, I dare you to try and break the hold it gives), and Rock Hard Gel. I can’t wait to try Apres Beach when I get back.

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